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Reuben Sandwiches

Course Lunch Servings 4 servings

Prep time 10 minutes

Cooking time 10 minutes


  • 1 tblsp of EIEIO Mayo

  • 1 tsp of sweet pickle relish

  • Pastrami

  • Sauerkraut

  • Marbled Rye Bread

  • and ya gotta have a Kosher Dill pickle on the side

  • Thick slice of Swiss cheese


  • Mix 1 tblsp of EIEIO Mayo with 1 tsp of sweet pickle relish-way better than thousand island dressing…and no red dye # whatever!

  • Spread EIEIO Aioli & pickle relish mixture onto bread slices-both sides

  • Stack pastrami, sauerkraut & Swiss

  • Grill sandwich(or pan fry) in BUTTER til golden brown

  • Cut and serve with pickle slices


  • BLT’s & grilled cheese sandwiches are exceptionally delish with EIEIO Mayo

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