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Fresh Made Condiments!
EIEIO Organic Garlic Mayonnaise

This incredible mayo came to me one day when Texas was in the middle of the worst drought in a hundred years. I was out in the field asking GOD to help me figure out what to do. Everything was too hot and seemed so hopeless. All of a sudden I heard this big booming voice out of nowhere that said, "Well, you've got a lot of chickens back there don't ya?" I rolled over backwards screaming MAYONNAISE… laughing and crying at the same time…you know those moments! 

We use our chickens eggs, the garlic we grow. Our claim to fame is we are the "5 ingredients only" condiment folks! Simple yet gourmet, fresh beyond words and so versatile you'll be amazed. This little mayonnaise has found it's way from farmers markets to Greenling, Brookshire Brothers, Wheatsville and now the Natural Grocers!!!

As alfredo sauce, on sandwiches and hamburgers, unbelievable in deviled eggs or potato salad. Spreads like butter on foccachio bread and on the grill…oh yeah. It's a wonderful rub on salmon, chicken & even eggplant. Our favorite lately is in omelets. The best you’ve ever tasted! We have many more ideas on our recipe page and are always adding more!
EIEIO Cilantro Pecan Pesto

Our Cilantro Pecan Pesto followed up the mayo… we have 73 pecan trees, for crying out loud, and cilantro grows very well here too so...presto…. we have Pesto! In case you didn't know cilantro is a natural antibiotic and is very helpful removing trace metals. We make our pesto with our Texas native pecans that we hand harvest each year and it is some yummy stuff.

Fantastic with pasta and shrimp, pesto pizza, in scrambled eggs, in lasagna, as a dip for chips or fresh vegetables, killer with fish tacos ...scoot over to our recipe page for more ideas and pics.

Photos and fabulous recipes to come soon!

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