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Fabulous Gourmet Condiments
What started as a crazy inspiration  has become an incredible journey!

Austin 2007- 4 yr old Max & I were  watching "Charlotte's Web" for like the 30th time when he turned to me and said "Mom..why don't we move out into the country, start a farm, call it EIEIO'S and get a pig named Wilbur"!! Laughing and crying we jumped into action and within a few months had found our land in Wimberley.

"Old man Boyd" farmed our land from the 30's to the 80'S and then in came the Mooneys to make our mark and steward the land as best we could!
Our goal is two-fold: To provide the freshest, best quality produce and condiments possible and to have overnight guests come and enjoy this beautiful farm as well!

You can find our Garlic Aioli Mayonnaise, Cilantro Pecan Pesto,  Fig & Olive Tapenade & our latest Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta  in several local shops or at Wedns(Wimb) or Sat(New Braunfels) weekly farmers markets.  We ship our products as well-just click on Fabulous Gourmet Condiments below left and fill out an order form!!

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