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Fabulous Gourmet Condiments
What started as a crazy inspiration  has become a thriving farm.  

"Old man Boyd" farmed our land from the 30's to the late 70's and rumor has it his carrots were 2 feet long! 

Our team cultivates 2 acres of nutritious and delicious vegetables, fruits, herbs and some pretty awesome carrots too!

Our goal is two-fold: To provide the freshest, best quality produce and condiments possible and to 
be a resource for folks that want to come volunteer and learn how to grow their own! 

You can find our Garlic Mayonnaise and Cilantro Pecan Pesto in many Austin area grocery stores.  

Join our bountiful CSA Basket Program or find us at several farmer's markets in the area. 

Thanks for supporting your local farms!
Our CSA Program

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